No Time? Start a Real Estate Photo Blog

Why spend time you don’t have writing content for a blog when you can just show pictures? Let me tell you how to do that and reap SEO benefits from it.

First, start a privately hosted WordPress blog. Find a nice template, and host it on one of the well known hosting sites. WordPress is easy to use, you can choose from hundreds of templates online, and there are hundreds of plugins available.

The purpose of your photo blog will be show featured listings. Choose a home you want to feature, write up a little blurb about it using keywords you’ve researched, and pop photos of the home in the post. Link a couple of keyword phrases to your main web site.

Make sure the photos are named properly. For instance, “family-room-vaulted-ceilings.jpg.” Get in the habit of naming the pictures this way when you upload them to your computer.

Add alt tags to each photo, with a few more keywords: “123-Main-4-bedroom-home.” Then add a caption to each photo – this is a great place to put the address if you want to, for instance “Large master bedroom – 123 Main Street – Our Town, USA.”

When you’re adding all these keywords, take care not to spam – don’t use the same keywords over and over, and only 2-5 in each name and alt tag.

Once you set this blog up, it should be an easy matter to add new listings to it – you have to write something up and take pictures anyway. Do it at the same time you are preparing your MLS listing and voila – you’ve got a new blog posting in no time! Source Real Estate Bulk Photo Editing Service