Alexandrite Jewelry – The Ultimate Pick in the Realm of Jewelery

Alexandrite is one of the most attractive gemstones throughout history. This stone is a form of the mineral chrysoberyl. A unique feature of this stone is that it changes color from green to red, depending upon daylight and luminous light. During daytime, its color is bluish green while in incandescent light it changes to raspberry red or purplish red. Alexandrite stones are used in making precious jewelry and ornaments. The special color change effects make the jewelry an excellent piece of embellishment. Alexandrite jewelry can be easily distinguished from other gem studded ornaments from their color and spark. You will find beautiful alexandrite gems studded gold rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants and many more ornaments that will add up to your beauty and grace.

Natural Alexandrite gem ornaments are very rarely seen. Alexandrite emerged as a gemstone in a metamorphic atmosphere millions and millions of years back. The stone comprising of chemical elements like chromium and beryllium, do not usually occur together. This is just an exception. This gemstone got its name from Great Russian warrior Alexander II. The first discovery of the crystals of this gemstone is in Urals, near Tokovaya River. This is the youngest gemstone with a noble history. As it emits colors on green and red, which is old Russia’s principal color, it is also called tsarist Russia’s national gemstone. The stone is a top quality gem and is found mostly in antique Russian ornaments. George Frederick Kunz had a great fascination for Alexandrite stone and hence produced some astonishing pieces of rings and alexandrite studded platinum ornaments during the late 19th century and 20th century’s beginning. The smaller forms of the stone have been seen in Victorian ornaments of England.

The highly precious Alexandrite curios items can be bought online, trade shows, jewelry auctions or from selected jewelry shops. You can test the stone from specialized gemological laboratories which are well equipped to identify the quality of the stone. The most important gemological laboratories where Alexandrite can be tested are Gem studies lab Australia, AGTA Gemological testing Center in USA, Gemological Association of Great Britain and Hong Kong Gems laboratory in China. The jewelries made with alexandrite gems come in various shapes and designs. You can get information about jewelry in Alexandrite Jewelry site where you can get the price, type and special offers if any on the jewelry item. Some websites offer excellent offers on prices. They also provide free shipping, 1 year warranty, ring resizing free, free gift packing and money-back in 90 days.

The gemstone alexandrite is indeed eye-catching at first sight. This stone is also considered as a lucky and auspicious stone. It is said to balance critical situation, and help the wearer in finding the right solution to his problems. The stone is believed to inspire the artistic urge and creativity of the wearer. The stone is the most expensive stone, much more than sapphire, ruby or emerald. If you have an inclination towards jewelry, then alexandrite studs jewelry will fascinate you to a great extend.